APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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Re: APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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What happened to the Leica M8? They change hands for £1000 to £1500. Uses Leica M lenses etc!

Why design a new APS-C?

That's such a great idea. If such a thing were available for around $2500, I'd never have bought the A7r.

The only real issue with the M8 is the inability to get some parts for it should it fail.

Well, that and perhaps ISO performance is a little limited. It would be nice to have usable ISO to 3200 or higher at times.

That's a pretty big deal to me when you still have to shell out a fair amount for an M8, considering how old it is. I did that once before with an R-D1, which has never failed on me, but I wanted something new this time around. I do think the M8 has spectacular IQ at lower ISO's and I've been tempted many many times.

Yes, it was down to the A7 or an old M8 for me after discounting the Nikon Df.  I found the A7 EVF just a little discomforting for me.  I think/hope the next release of that camera will be the real breakthrough for the mirrorless FF cameras.  Sony just keeps getting better and better and they will iron out the few quirks on the A7 at some point.

Ultimately I just took a chance with a bargain M8 and have been pretty happy with it.

I already have a D800 and D700 if I need high resolution or low light work, so the M8 is more of a "fun-camera" for me that is easy to carry and devilishly simple in its approach to photography.

If Leica ever made made a cross between the M8 and the X2 that might actually have some appeal to a significant market.  You get access to the legendary M lenses and their third party equivalents and an entry level rangefinder for a new generation of Leica users.

I know I would probably hop on that one in a flash.

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