Nikon Repair Center Frustrations

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Nikon Repair Center Frustrations

I am so frustrated and feel very upset with Nikon, a company I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with. Before Christmas I noticed that the sensor on my D600 was quite dirty. Since I am still under warranty, I went online and started a Technical Question on their repair site. They had me send in a copy of a photo showing the dust spots and I got back a reply saying that the couldn't see the metadata on the photo. So, I called technical support to talk to a real person. She asked when I had purchased the D600 and I told her it had been less than a year, so she told me that the service advisory of the camera would cover the cleaning and possible repair. She looked at the photo and said that there were obvious dust spots. She sent me a message and this is what it said.

1) Please print the attached PDF file to attach to your shipping box.
>Log onto
>click my questions
>click this subject line
>click update questions and you will be able to see the PDF.

2) Pack your equipment carefully in a shipping box with several inches of a quality packing material completely around the equipment. Please do not ship products in their original boxes. Accessory items, like straps, should be removed.

3) Enclose a letter explaining the reason for returning the equipment and your return mailing address.

4) Call UPS at 800-742-5877 or visit to locate an office in your area. If you choose to have UPS pick up your package at your residence or place of business, you will be responsible for any additional charges UPS may apply

Reference# XXXXXXX

I followed all these steps. Then a couple of days after my UPS updates said that the camera had been received I checked back with Nikon. The person I talked to said that two to four days after they received it I would be getting a service number through e-mail so I could track the repair. I still hadn't heard anything today (six days after they received it) so I called back. She asked me for the serial number on the camera. I gave it to her and she didn't send in proof of purchase. I told her that no one ever told me that I needed to send it. She said that the technicians sent me an e-mail asking for it, and I told her that I have been checking every day and I had received no e-mail about that. I had her send me a test e-mail to make sure that spam checking software wasn't holding back my mail and her message came right through. So, I am sure that no one ever sent me a message asking for the proof of purchase. I made her stay on the line with me until I scanned and sent her a copy of my receipt.

If I hadn't been proactive and called to check, I wonder how long my camera would have sat there waiting for the proof of purchase. I do not get angry very often, but today I felt my blood boil. I did tell the woman on the phone my frustrations, but did tell her that I realize that she has nothing to do with the problems that I was having and that I appreciated her help.

After purchasing four Nikon DSLR's, many pro-grade nikon lenses, and lots of other Nikon accessories, I feel very frustrated with the company. I have been a loyal customer and big supporter, but if they don't make things right with my camera that might change. It's been a frustrating afternoon for me.  They are so unorganized and not competent at getting information out to their customers.  The gal on the phone made me feel like she was doing me a favor by waiting for me to scan the receipt and send it to her......So maddening, and I am not the kind of person who gets angry very often!!

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