My 15 cameras along 6 years (2008-2013) - documentary shortmovie-

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Martín Crespo
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My 15 cameras along 6 years (2008-2013) - documentary shortmovie-

Hello I wIsh to share a shortmovie I did during the past 6 years with the cameras I had in this time, specially the compact/pocket ones. All was made with photo cameras in video mode. You can choose english subtitles as well as choose "english: CAMERAS" subtitle to se the which camera was used in each shot. I hope you like it.

Click to se the full movie.

TRIVIAL - a shortmovie by Martín Crespo -

I hope you like it, and this is a longer explanation about this proyect, sorry by my poor english.



TRIVIAL born by the need to edit a number of clips that I recorded over the last six years with 15 different digital cameras in VIDEO MODE, generally pocket compact cameras that I changed over the years. There are shots made by some HDSLRs but do not reach the 10% short .
As a photographer I like to go out to the streets with a camera discreetly usually frequent places that attract me to tell stories visually in a photo. Between shots sometimes I find something I think would be good to record it on video , sometimes I find it eminently audiovisual and go straight to the clip.
I am a compulsive compact cameras’s tester and I like to carry to their limits , while having many disadvantages of quality and operation in relation to the HDSLR ( I use to work in commercial photography ) have other advantages as discretion , portability, near invisibility , and luckily every time they come with more features and improved quality in both photo and video.
The editing process was very similar to my photobook REGARDING ASUNCION , when face to select clips and edit I found a story, a narrative implicit in the theme that I was filming , were joining issues that make Asunción public roads and circulation and interaction of people through different means of locomotion : see cars , taxis , buses , carts , boats , motorcycles , street vendors, car crash , street dogs eminently visual narrative , no voice -overs, music and voices only AM radio in several passages .
Trvial as born with a trivia name . Seeking the etymology of VIA find all the words derived from satellite , including trivial , whose etymology refers to medieval Rome and specifically a point outside the city where three routes converged ( trivium ) and merchants crossed from east and west each with its own language , so the talks could not be more than lectures elevator style " looks like it rains " etc. . Then the narrative structure as a trivia finished consolidating .
If I had to describe TRIVIAL say it's a suite with a chamber orchestra , something short and with few instruments assembled , each instrument marks its presence in pure form.

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