I have an idea of what I would like, but not sure what I should buy - advice please!

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I have an idea of what I would like, but not sure what I should buy - advice please!

First post!! I've been reading for weeks.

What I am looking for is to have camera(s) for my next purchase(s). I use the camera for mainly a few things:

  1. Taking family shots (baby, dog, and wife)
    1. Baby is going to be mobile within the next few months
  3. Decent to very good low light
  4. Photos of friends/bdays at restaurants/fam events
  5. A major holiday (1x) a year
  6. We use iPhones and would imagine we are in line for an upgrade to the next version (hoping for a better camera in September)
    1. I'm not sure how much we'll start always carrying a camera
    2. Might be habit so we stop relying on our iPhones
  8. Wife has used her Elph for years
  9. Portability vs quality – portability is important
  10. I shoot video (I'm not editing a lot)
  11. I do very little PP – but might need to start to learn

I've used a friends Canon dslr on holiday once and I found it a burden to take in and out of the bag. And the overall bulk took up much space. I'm not sure if my wife can use anything more than a point and shoot in concept. So that is why I might need 2 cameras to solve this. Hoping an Auto everything is easy.

I'm considering:

  • DSLR but size will eliminate them (SL1??)
  • Sony NEX 3n – great price + prime will allow me to buy another small P&S for the wife
    • Bulk size of other lenses a concern
  • m43
    • GM1 or GX7
    • I like price and size
  • RX100ii 
    • Read about auto blur issues
      • 1/30 issue

Budget would like to top out at $1200. Spending less would be just fine!!!

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