Poll: What you value more on our m/43Brands. (comment please)

Started Jan 11, 2014 | Polls thread
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MFT will be gone in a decade

highwave wrote:

I would have loved to see more brands in m43

picture this,

- A foveon sensor m43 body

- Fuji building a lot of fast f1.4 lenses

- Leica building a rangefinder high class m43 along with dedicated hand built m43 lenses

- Sigma building any lens they want for the system without this apparent F2.8 restriction

- Canon developing their EOS-M system in m43 and gracing us with some very long focal length fast primes

I guess the one I was really highly hoping for was the Leica m43 rangefinder. It makes more sense than their APS-C T model they'll be bringing out soon and it would have really boosted the m43 ecosystem.

But anyway we have Kodak and Blackmagic on board now. You can't win them all.

If Oly nor Panny can't make any money selling MFT gear, why on earth would others follow them?

There is also no way Canon would ever adopt MFT.

If there is one camera system that all the makers really are watching, it is the Sony A7/A7R.  That is a FF camera that comes in at a low price, yet is targeting owners of all camera brands.  Buy one and Sony will send you a Canon or Nikon adaptor for your existing glass.  And these lenses all work without a crop factor to worry about.

Now Sony have made the A7 with enough weaknesses ( slow speed in use mainly ) that other makers must be wondering if they could offer their own version with the ability to win over users of other brands holding rival lenses they could use on their camera.

I can imagine Nikon or Canon offering their take on the Sony A7.  But I can't imagine them bothering with MFT.

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