Help to chose a colorimeter

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Help to chose a colorimeter


Recently 've calibrated my screen with two different colorimeters, colormunki Display and Spyder4 and the score has been quite different in each one. I've used Dispcal GUI software and the same spectral correction file and i do it in the same light condition both times.

I paste some score here:

In Colormunki Display:

Profile self check AE*76: average 0.54, maximum 1.80, RMS 0.66
Gamut coverage: 90% sRGB, 65,8% Adobe RGB
Black level = 0.1304 cd/m^2
50% level = 25.68 cd/m^2
White level = 119.03 cd/m^2
Aprox. gamma = 2.21
Contrast ratio = 913:1
White chromaticity coordinates 0.3117, 0.3275
White Correlated Color Temperature = 6570K, DE 2K to locus = 4.3
White Correlated Daylight Temperature = 6571K, DE 2K to locus = 0.4
White Visual Color Temperature = 6414K, DE 2K to locus = 4.1
White Visual Daylight Temperature = 6585K, DE 2K to locus = 0.4

In Spyder4, with the same spectral correction:

Profile self check AE*76: average 0.67, maximum 2.91, RMS 0.84
Gamut coverage: 94,5% sRGB, 68,9% Adobe RGB
Black level = 0.2081 cd/m^2
50% level = 26.41 cd/m^2
White level = 120.09 cd/m^2
Aprox. gamma = 2.18
Contrast ratio = 577:1
White chromaticity coordinates 0.3080, 0.3260
White correlated Color Temperature = 6793K, DE 2K to locus = 5.7
White Correlated Daylight Temperature = 6792K, DE 2K to locus = 1.4
White Visual Color Temperature = 6563K, DE 2K to locus = 5.5
White Visual Daylight Temperature = 6740K, DE 2K to locus = 1.3

On the other hand when I've used Spyder4 with specific spectral correction file of Datacolor, the score has been different too.

Spyder4 with Datacolor software spectral correction's LCD(White LED):

Profile self check AE*76: average 0.63, maximum 2.73, RMS 0.80
Gamut coverage: 97% sRGB, 71,7% Adobe RGB
Black level = 0.2221 cd/m^2
50% level = 26.17 cd/m^2
White level = 120.58 cd/m^2
Aprox. gamma = 2.20
Contrast ratio = 543:1
White chromaticity coordinates 0.3113, 0.3278
White Correlated Color Temperature = 6593K, DE 2K to locus = 4.7
White Correlated Daylight Temperature = 6593K, DE 2K to locus = 0.2
White Visual Color Temperature = 6417K, DE 2K to locus = 4.6
White Visual Daylight Temperature = 6586K, DE 2K to locus = 0.2

In three calibrations has been different RGB and brightness screen adjustments

I must choose one of them. On one side Colormunki gives less gamut coverage than Spyder4 but on the other hand colormunki gives more contrast ratio. I don't undestand the rest of points.

Can anyone help me to choose one of them? My plan is use the colorimeter to touch up photos in lightroom and photoshop.


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