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Re: debug mode for K5ii

kitsios_spyros wrote:

Hi Younes B,

my AF lenses are within +/-10 range

Hellios 58 and K135 are manual lenses.

CIF work with Pentax AF lenses that have AF/MF switch on them.

I am not sure about other brand AF lenses with AF/MF switc. Ron/others can verify..

All pentax lenses that have an AF/MF switch on the lens can do CIF. Some non-Pentax lenses that have the AF/MF switch on the lens can do CIF.

The below info was written a long time ago but is equally valid for current models of Pentax cameras.

Links to previous catch-in-focus info that I wrote about.

Tripod mounted Catch-in-focus (for hummingbirds) using autofocusing lenses that do not have the AF/MF switch on the lens.

Catch-in focus (focus trapping) using Remote Control F on the Pentax K-m, Pentax K2000, and Pentax K-x.

Pentax K-7, IR Remote, Catch-in-focus

EDIT: Here is one more that I did - CIF using AF lens.



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