AF-S or AF-C or Manual Focus in Static Photo Situations

Started Jan 13, 2014 | Polls thread
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AF-S or AF-C or Manual Focus in Static Photo Situations

I am old. My eyes just don't focus and accommodate like they did when I was under 40 yrs. Corrective measures help, but it's just not like the old days...

Many of our photos involve "static" images - stuff that is relatively motionless, like people posing, landscapes, rocks, flowers, and so forth. Of course, there are minimal movements (except the rock) from wind, waves, breathing, and so forth.

So, I ask this question. Let's say you have your camera on a tripod and you have the time to set up a photo, focus on it, pause long enough to check all the parameters (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), reframe the shot, then press the shutter release button. I add the given that this situation allows one to utilize the 2-second shutter release / mirror up feature. And, you can decide for yourself whether you like live view or the viewfinder.

For such shots, would you rely on the AF-S or AF-C in your Pentax DSLR, or use the manual focus option?

Thanks in advance for your vote

Use the AF-S feature
81.3% 26  votes
Use the AF-C feature
6.3% 2  votes
Use the Manual Focus feature
12.5% 4  votes
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