Five reasons the R1 will always be superior to the RX10

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Five reasons the R1 will always be superior to the RX10

I'm not sure I can think of five reasons but I want to, because I think that a lot of people, including Phil, (the founder of Dpreview), and even some R1 owners and users never really got it.

Reason #1:  The placement of the LCD

This was the genius of the R1, and by itself it was responsible for more than one reason:

a. It allows for extremely stable hand-held shooting.  With my left hand under the lens and the back of the R1 pressed firmly against my stomach, I get many sharp shots at shutter speeds of 1/3 of a second or slower.  IS can't even do that.  The placement of the LCD on the R1 is better than IS.

b.  It allows for stealthy shooting.  Because you don't have to bring the camera to your eye or even look at the back, people just don't notice that you are clicking away.

c. Most of the shots that you see are taken from eye-level.  People put the camera to their eye or they raise the LCD to eye level.  The R1 liberates you from doing that. It's easy as pie to shoot from the ground or up in the sky. It's essentially a much more creative tool than any other APSc camera from that time, and can hold its own with any of today.

d. With no LCD on the back, the R1 has acres of space for putting buttons there, and the ones it has are simple to understand and they are useful to me.

e. The first decision after starting up your R1 is where to put your LCD.  You have to move it, because it's stored upside down.  So, in setting up your LCD you making some decisions about the type of shots you are going to take.  It's an interesting way to begin a session.

Reason #2 The lens

Phil pointed out in his review that the R1 was worth its price because of its lens alone.  The IQ of this lens competes favourably with primes at all of its settings.  I have an extension for it that takes it out to 200 mm, where it takes the most powerful portraits.

Compare it if you like to the RX100 lens, but remember that smaller lenses have an advantage over large lenses in economy.  We buy the large lenses because we think that there is something special in a larger sensor.

Reason #3 The APSc Sensor

Believe if you must that the one inch sensor is capable of better images than the R1 sensor.  For me, it's just a gut feeling that the R1 gives richer tones.  I trust a big sensor to do the image right.  It's quite possible that sensor technology has advanced a lot in the last 8 years, and pound for pound I'm sure that the RX10 sensor is better, but when you take the full size of the R1 sensor into account, it's Gordie Howe against Wayne Gretsky.  Just use your imagination to think which one of those two would be left standing after a fight. To upgrade from the R1, I will need to go to the RX1.  But I'll miss the placement of the LCD.

In Conclusion,

I'm not saying that the R1 is a better camera than the RX10.  I'm just saying that in the ways I mention, the R1 is superior, and always will be.

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John Dunn

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