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Zoom Lenses Ranked and Decision Made!

Thanks to you guys who've given me suggestions. I gave the lenses points on a 1-3 scale, subtracting one point for every $150 I'd spend. I have pretty much come to a conclusion.

Pan 14-45 - Front-runner until I learned it doesn't fit my 11mm converter. Optics: 2, Size: 1, Wide: 1, Tele: 3, Price/150: -1, Total: 6

Pan 12-35 - Optics: 3, Size: 1, Wide: 3, Tele: 1, f2.8: 3, Power IS bonus: 1, Price/150: -6, Total: 9

Oly 12-40 - Optics: 3, Size: 1, Wide: 3, Tele: 2, f2.3: 3, Price/150: -6, Total: 9

Pan 12-32 - This on a GM1-type camera (small with flash) eliminates the need for a P&S. This fact means I will own it eventually. Optics: 2, Size: 3, Wide: 3, Tele: 1, Price/150: -2.3, Total: 6.7

Pan 14-42 II - I wouldn't know about this lens had I not made the thread. Accepts 11mm converter (but badly vignettes) which I'd use for occasionally photographing repoed home interiors. Optics: 2, Size: 2, Wide: 1, Tele: 3, , Price/150: -1, Total: 7

So, obviously, the fast zooms win with 9 points each. That begs the question, why not just buy one now?  Well, right now the $900 would hurt financially.

The 14-42 II, however, looks like a great choice. I like how it looks, it's $50, it's sharp, it comes in silver, and I can use the wide adapter in a pinch.  It might be a different story if this started at 12mm.  This lens would collect dust if someone had the 12-40.  Why buy something I know I will eventually sell?

The 12-32, however, ranked similarly.  If I only pay $300 it also would score a 7.  Plus, due to making my camera P&S size, I'll buy this eventually regardless as no lens exists to replace it.   Plus I'd get $100 selling the mint 11mm converter. Plus who needs 42mm @ f5.6 when I have a Hexanon 50mm f1.7?

I think the choice is made.  I'm glad I made this thread because the former front-running 14-45 now seems like crap to me!  I'm glad I lost those few Ebay auctions for it!

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