Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

net1994 wrote:

I know the subject line is a bit vague here. As it is today (as far as I know) on Nikon cameras its not possible to take a LONG exposure without using a wireless or wired remote. If I want to take a 37 minute long exposure, it would be great if there was just a menu option on my D800 where I can just manually enter this. It would be a lot easier than being chained to your camera with a stopwatch. Why isn't this possible.

Good question. Until recently, Nikon DSLR's were too noisy at long exposures for it to be commonly done. Perhaps Nikon just didn't get user feedback that this was desirable? You might want to contact Nikon and request this feature.

However, you don't need to be chained to your camera with a stopwatch. Several of the wired and wireless remotes have built-in timers for automating time-exposures.

  • Nikon MC-36A Multi-Function Remote Cord
  • hahnel Giga T Pro II 2.4GHz Wireless Timer Remote for Nikon Cameras
  • Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote (Nikon 10-Pin Connection)
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