Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

net1994 wrote:

Why isn't this possible.

the cynic in me suggests it's to do with selling external remote timers, it must surely be a very simple option to add to any camera, after all, the camera times bulb exposures and tells you exactly how many seconds the exposure lasted.

Here's a workround. It's far from ideal, and isn't a true long exposure but a collection of separate ones - so if your subject requires a 5 minutes to give a correct exposure, then its worthless. But if you want to capture 5 minutes of movement and can balance the aperture value or use a lesser ND filter than the one intended, then it is worth considering.

1. Set the multiple exposure menu option anywhere between 2 and 10 shots.

2. Set the camera exposure to 25 seconds and appropriate aperture and iso to give a correct exposure (and test)

3. Set the focus to M, for some reason, the interval timer will override any other settings and try to refocus.

4. Set the built in interval timer to 26 seconds. I don't think a 30sec exposure coupled to a 31 second interval works as it falls foul of the camera's 30 second rule! Note that the interval includes the exposure time, its the interval between starts of exposures, not the interval between separate exposures.

The interval timer is the least intuitive menu item I'm aware of and can take a few goes to get your head around it.

The resultant images are merged in-camera on an averaging basis. Because there is a 1 second gap, there can be breaks in any movement which can look horrible. It depends on the speed of movement - clouds aren't good, but flowing water works well.

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