Mirrorless mirrorless on the wall, which DSLR will be first to fall? Locked

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Hoya sold Pentax in 2011

dinoSnake wrote:

The answer is obvious and regretful: Pentax. They have amongst the lowest market share as well as the lowest amount of backing capital. Sony may not be up to Nikon and Canon's market share but Sony is a huge multi-billion dollar company, they will not give up a market easily. Pentax has been struggling for years now and, if the tide turns against electromechanical SLR's, I foresee Hoya losing interest in continuing to finance a losing business.

I foresee you someday noticing that Hoya hasn't owned Pentax since October 2011.

Ricoh is a very big, very profitable business and has been investing in its Pentax brand. They seem to have done pretty well with the K-3 and K-50. If they're about to lose interest, they haven't shown any sign of it yet.


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