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Re: Mirrorless mirrorless on the wall, which DSLR will be first to fall?

Ontario Gone wrote:

If you need proof or are not totally convinced, please spend some time researching the web. The writing is on the wall. HERE is one example. It is only a matter of time. Electric cars will replace the combustion engine, computers replace written records, mirrorless will become the norm.

And digital replaced film.

BUT.... LCD still have not replaced windows on your house or wind screen of your car.

the day you want an non-transparent LCD replacing your windscreen is the day I would want to do aways with a mirror for my photography.

Eventually the DSLR will succumb to the punching power of the LV system,

Eventually, maybe. Our life time, unlikely. To fully substitute mirror, LV has to have at the least 200hz refresh rate, under 10ms total lag (that is capture, read out, processing and display lag combined), unnoticeable impact on battery life. How long will it take for us to get there, do you think?

and when it happens, we will reach new levels of photography that were only dreamed of by ancestors.

I do not see how. Assuming all above requirements are full filled, all that we gain is a slight size reduction on the body, body + lens combination gets a lesser reduction. All other functions would remain the same. Maybe with exception of maximum shooting FPS.

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