Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

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Re: Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

banzaii wrote:

I haven't read the full thread and i'm caught in the same dilemma. For the price of the D800, you can almost buy both the D610 and D7100. Then you can enjoy both FX and DX formats widening the capabilities of your tools. That is, if you can sacrifice the 36 megs. and still afford the extra lenses.

Buying the d610 and the d7100 doest make any sense.
You are aware the d610 has an dx mode and dx has no purpose except if you wanna shoot with dx glas.
He d800 is awesome, but noone needs 36megpix unless he wants to make prints the size of buildings.
For the price of the d800 id get the d610 (6fps!) and some gold ring glas. Thats what i did.

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