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Re: You may be right, you may be wrong....

Ontario Gone wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

dpreviewprov wrote:

2 parts. I feel a strong sense of responsability to educate those who might make ill informed decisions based on the misguided masses' opinions.

Many times, the masses' opinions are the correct one.


No, just no. Use your head.

First, this isn't a right or wrong situation. It's simply a preference.

Second, there are also many times where the masses' opinions are blatantly, horribly wrong.

eg: geocentrism

Thirdly, argumentum ad populum.

Couldn't agree more, which is why i don't believe in baby jesus. When you understand the psychology of the sheep mentality, the "superiority" of DSLR sales means nothing. Soon enough mirrorless will push the mirror out of mainstream and into a niche corner, just as reason will with the invisible man in the sky.

You are starting to sound a lot like Mirrorless Crusader. Funny how he's never around whenever you are.

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