Olympus still hopeful. Is MILC a serious alternative for DSLR?

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A tale of two visions

A managerial geek like me gets excited by the competition between visions. One will prevail and history may change big time.

We have two different narratives here. Mirrorless is the Next Big Thing. New, exciting and hip. Small is beautiful. Holding one in your hand will inspire you to greater heights!

On the other hand, DSLR is the value proposition. Familiar and ubiquitous. They are tools. Constant improvements. Rarely exciting, unless you are interested in the big ticket items.

Unfortunately, the gap between ambition (of the mirrorless fanboi) and reality is an ocean wide. Hopefully these guys will come down to planet earth and stop attacking other brands/formats.

I'm doing the numbers in order to help you guys understand the magnitude of the problem.

Here's an example of a guy who has thought it through carefully. Link courtesy of 43 Rumors.


I have nothing against the Olympus brand. I am concerned about the quality of the organization. Olympus has the distinction of changing format/mount twice in a decade. Therefore, some scepticism is deserved about their intentions and survivability.

Good organizations are good partners. They can be trusted to support you consistently.

Poor organizations may have moments of brilliance. But, in the end they will be a source of great aggravation. In this case, looks like Oly is abandoning their DSLR customers. At a time when MILC is still not profitable! Makes sense?

No E6 ever after. Why?

The customer base is your brand’s primary source of strength, Canikon have been in rivalry for a long time. They have had ups and downs with swings of 10-15% market share. Each time, the loser has recovered with the help of their loyal customers.

Therefore, camera companies rarely change lens mount or format. A lot of customer value is destroyed when the customers' investments are made obsolete. Think of Canon FD and what happened to Minolta after Sony bought it.

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