APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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Re: APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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What happened to the Leica M8? They change hands for £1000 to £1500. Uses Leica M lenses etc!

Why design a new APS-C?

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Good point, a new M8 with improved electronics and sensor (oh no the CMOS vs CCD discussion will start again!) will be a good option and people can then transition to the FF camera at a later stage without needing to get new lenses.

By the way the M8 is not APS-C, but APS-H (slightly larger with multiplier 1.33)

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That might be an excellent way to open the market up for new M shooters with an entry level M body.

Priced at about $2500 to $3000 and the ability to add the EVF for those that have less than 20/20 vision and a 12 to 16mp sensor would rock.

As long as they kept the camera simple, not load it up with too many features, and perform those features well it would have wide appeal for both new shooters to the M system and those wanting a second camera.

Using an APS sensor may seen to be a downer for some, but it might not be a bad marketing move to distinguish the baby M from its full-frame cousins and encourage a migration path upward.

Throw in a budget 28mm or 35mm starter lens as part of the line and I think it would work.

Unfortunately, I doubt the 701 will be that camera.

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