BBC Landscape photos fuel HDR debate

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Re: Ansel would do HDR but not how we think...

I attended New England School of Photography and was taught by Stephan Gersh. He was an assistant to Ansel Adams and also taught with Minor White, so I subsequently cut my teeth on the Zone System. The Zone System did, through precise testing of films, film developers, printing paper and paper developer allow a photographer to control the dynamic range of a scene as encountered. The control was both for reflectance values in the scene that exceeded the latitude of the chosen film or conversley controlled a scene where there were few reflectance values and the scene needed more separation to photographically suggest the scene as experienced.

In the former instance you would find the exact time (N being Normal, with a precise reduction in development time - N-1, N-1) for the film in a chosen developer to compress the reflectance values in the scene to fit the latitude of the given film. Conversly, in the latter instance, you develop N+1, N+2, etc. to increase the reflectance values

HDR (this is not a good name for the process) or Tone mapping can be made to suggest the Zone System technique when used with discretion. Without discretion...

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