NEX-6 vs. X-E2

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Re: I wouldn't bother

David McGaughey wrote:

mgn2 wrote:

Any owned/used both? I'd like to hear what you have to say.

I have a NEX-6 with kit 16-50mm lens and the Sony 35mm and Sigma 30mm. I also have the Fuji X100 which I love.

I shoot jpegs only, and mostly baby/kids (fast), family, portraits, landscape.

What bugs me about the NEX: not enough affordable and fast excellent wide/normal primes, long menu, inability to set min. shutter speed and max ISO for Auto ISO mode (important)

Compared to the NEX-6 I want (1) AF at least as fast (2) same low-light performance or better (3) same IQ or better (4) size should not be much larger with lens attached. I typically don't carry multiple lenses around and happy to shoot with 1 excellent prime on the camera when outside. I don't plan to have more than 2-3 lenses total and prefer primes. Pocket-ability is important to me.

Should I switch to the X-E2? If yes, which lenses would you get?

Don't do it, unless you are really irked. Yes, the X-E2 is better for you. But it's only a little better. Not change-your-life better. It's rather expensive to flip between systems (though its lots of fun!).

I just moved to Fuji so it wasn't an upgrade question for me.  IQ from the X-E1/2 is excellent.  I went with the X-E2 because I was moving from a DSLR and every bit of responsiveness helps.  The biggest draw for me was the way Fuji improved the X-E1 over time.  The X-E2 has a 2x faster processor so it will probably operate much differently a year from now.

I read about ISO 1600 and over being unusable for portraits with jpeg.  I usually only shoot raw but I took some photos at 1600 the other day and had no issue with the results.  The raws will definitely be better at high ISO.  I wouldn't usually shoot above 1600 for anything important, particularly with Fuji's fast primes.

Please excuse the horrible mixed lighting-illumination thanks to the plasma TV and Sponge Bob

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