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Totally disappointed with Canon

I decided to give my photography a kick-start the other day. After using my trusty 40D for many years, I suddenly got a flash of pixel envy. I know that to purists pixel envy is somewhat uncool, but 10 Mps just didn't seem to be making the grade for my large landscapes. Since I have a fair bit of coin invested in Canon gear, I went looking for Canon's latest APS-C offerings in a semi-pro box. It seemed that the new 70D was getting the highest marks. Since the post Christmas sales were in full swing, I decided to take the plunge while saving a few dollars.

Well, my 70D arrived and I immediately began to run it through it's paces. The first thing I noticed was that noise was fairly noticeable even at 100 ISO, even though higher ISO's were pretty well controlled. This was startling, since Canon has always been famous for it's "buttery smooth" low ISO photos. Second was the very poor center focus point performance. I use center focus almost exclusively, and found that a vertical line could not be seen by this sensors focus mechanism. Third was the unimpressive image sharpness. Compared with my 40D, there was little difference. In fact, jpegs looked absolutely awful with way too much sharpening, making photos look like they came from a cheap pocket camera. I realize some of this can be improved with RAW processing, but I don't see why I should have to do it for every walk-around photo.

I began to get worried, so I went online to the DXOmark website to see what they thought of the camera compared to others in it's class. Obviously I should have gone there before ordering the camera. I was totally shocked at how Canon has dropped the ball with not just this camera, but pretty much its whole line of cameras. Canon used to be an industry leader, but it seems that in the years that I've been away from gear-googling Nikon and others have been blowing Canon out of the water. My brand new 70D only rated a 68 overall score. This lags well behind many of it's peers and even behind many entry level Nikons. The only thing it's better than is other Canon APS-C cameras.

To be fair, there are some bells and whistles on the camera that are nice, but alas when the shine begins to tarnish on them they don't make up for below average photo performance.

I'm really disappointed that Canon has been left in the dust. I have a sizable investment in Canon lenses and flashes. To switch now to Nikon or Sony would be extremely costly, however, my next upgrade will likely not be Canon unless their engineers really pull up their socks.

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Cheers! Pete D.

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