Water droplets or Dust in picture ?

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Re: Water droplets or Dust in picture ?

I have had dust on a sensor enough times to say it does not look like what you have shown. There are two dust bunnies along the top edge of the photo maybe ⅕ of the way in from the left edge.

I have had oil on a sensor that came from the shutter curtain mechanism. It did not look like what you have shown. It looked had the same tonality as dust bunnies but was in larger blobs that were grouped close together and to one side of the frame.

The marks in your image are widespread and don't appear to be from a concentrated source close to the sensor like a shutter curtain. I'd guess the are from condensation or some water spray, but that is  just a guess. I don't think that oil from a lens is the cause unless maybe you have a defectively assembled lens. Even if so, It just doesn't look like oil marks.

My guess is that it water from condensation or spray entering the cavity when the lens was off. Of course, that is a guess pure and simple. You might just want oread up on sensor cleaning.

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