Cleaning the Sony A99 Sensor?

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William Curtindale
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Preparing For A Trip: Cleaning the Sony A99 Sensor?

Well, I'm getting ready for a trip so I did a test shot on a clear blue sky (properly exposed at f/16) to evaluate the sensor and make sure it was clean. Oops, four minor small spots.

1) I first tried the cleaning via the camera Menu (reshot the sky and the spots were still there).

2) Next I popped the mirror up and used a Rocket Blower on the sensor (reshot the sky and the spots were still there).

3) Ok, now the serious stuff. Popped the mirror up and started the wet process. Used a couple drops of Eclipse 2 on a Swab. The process is similar to cleaning my A900 except needing to be very careful to not damage the mirror (reshot the sky and the spots were gone - now it's totally clean and ready for action).

One thing I would like to note:  The A99 sensor does not seem to get contaminated or need cleaning as frequently as my A900 (this was my first cleaning after my purchase in June).  Actually I could have gotten away w/o cleaning  The spots were small and did not show on my images until stopping down to a level I usually don't use.

In any case I do feel better knowing it is spotless for my trip.

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