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Re: OK, guys, let's try again...

veroman wrote:

I would suggest you spend your time more wisely. You seem to be trying to save the world.

I suggest you look in the mirror. You are the one trying to save me and my 'time' here. By your own logic, you'd be better butting out of things you obviously know squat about.

You can't. And, as I said before, give credit where credit is due. Posters, new or otherwise, are perceptive enough and smart enough to discern, over time, who to trust and who to dismiss.

You seem a little slow of thought her Steve. Not everyone has had the luxury of 'over time' to allow them to know. I actually doubt you have any real clue about the posters you are sometimes dealing with here.

Put your energy into providing information about photography instead of pointing out flaws in human behavior, your own behavior included.

Again, you seem confused. My initial post in this thread was a simple

"I'm fascinated to know how altering the shape of the diaphragm blades results in superior distortion characteristics. Please explain."

Nothing more, nothing less. The purpose of which was directly to ensure that correct information ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY was imparted here. Any subsequent diversion from this simple task was not of my doing. Perhaps you should put your energy into actually thinking for a change and direct your posts at the people responsible for misinformation and derailment of threads.

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