Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Crop sensors are certainly obsolete

Scott Larson wrote:

socode wrote:

It was arbitrarily chosen by the manufacturers of 35mm systems as their target format, which is why it does not make sense to call 35mm cropped within the context of a 35mm system. Which is what the conversation was about. Do keep up.

So you're saying those lenses with baffles are 35mm lenses however those that don't have baffles (most of my lenses) aren't 35mm lenses?

No, you were, but now you appear to believe that 35mm lenses do indeed exist, and were designed as 35mm lenses even if they project a larger image. Is that correct? If so thank you, we seem to have advanced.

It's extremely relevant when you want a photo that has corner to corner sharpness which many of these so-called "full frame" lenses cannot produce despite the manufacturers applying their obviously loose standards to that part of the image area.

That's great, but that's not what I responded to, which is what makes it irrelevant. No-one is arguing that lenses may project larger images than the format they were designed to cover, and no-one is claiming that no other formats existed except 35mm. It still doesn't change that 35mm lenses were designed to cover 35mm sensors, and it doesn't make sense to describe a full-frame sensor as cropped within that context. Manufacturers standards are a separate discussion.

No one was talking about it because someone claimed circular formats never existed until I pointed them out, which showed that statements were being made out of ignorance.

I didn't make such a claim, so again it's irrelevant. We also don't have circular image digital ILCs so it would anyway be irrelevant. There is a pattern here.

This resulted in the image cropping system that all cameras use today.

Which is not relevant to a discussion about 35mm, specifically.

It is an arbitrary "crop" format just like so-called "crop" cameras.

It may have been chosen arbitrarily initially, but it isn't arbitrary any more with a number of systems and millions of lenses produced to cover it. And it isn't arbitrary within the context of discussing the 35mm format specifically.

It's ridiculous to say that "full frame" is the "right" format when it's completely arbitrary and comes with unavoidable disadvantages.

Just as well I didn't say that then. It's also irrelevant to whether or not out makes any sense to describe 35mm sensors as cropped within the context of a 35mm system.

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