When will the mirror die?

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Re: Illogical

Ontario Gone wrote:

Richard wrote:

Yes you are a follower. You com here telling us how mirrorless is better, how you prefer mirrorless. And how long it will take for DSLR to die and mirrorless replace it. It is your religion and you keep bringing it up. DSLR is not going to die, it is going to get better.

But i don't own mirrorless, ATM i only have a smart phone and a camcorder. I have technically never owned a mirrorless unless you count SLT, yet i have only owned one of those, and have owned 4 DSLRs. Religion?

Yes, your religion is to say when DSLR will die and promote mirrorless

my point was it is illogical to say mirrorless will get better and in the same breath say Live View will stay exactly where it is.

That isn't what i said. I said DSLR LV will always trail behind,

Again, you don't know that, that is like saying Chevy will always be behind Ford in fast cars. You don't know that but your religion allows you to make those claims as fact.

because that's what is cheaper to do.

That is not true either and you don't know. The current mirrorless are more expensive or similar.

It's like buying a new computer, you save a fortune if you buy components that are 2 generations old. You pay out the a$$ if you buy 1st tier.

The mirror has been the same for a long time, they don't spend a lot of R&D on it, yet upgrades on EVF are every generation

Make them smaller and ligher. Like the SL1. They just need to make a FF that is smaller and lighter for those wanting that.

So now people want smaller OVF?

They appear to want smaller cameras, that is the biggest reason for mirrorless. DSLR can do that too.

If that were true these cameras would be out ahead in sales they are not. Pros would use these, they do not. The majority of people would want them, they do not.

Again you are confusing correlation with causation. Lenses drive camera choice more than the cameras.

If that were true, mirrorless would completely die. Wait, it is dying... or at least sales are decreasing and manufacturers that support that format are struggling.

LV is a new feature for DSLRs, it will only get better. Camcorders have been using on sensor AF for as long as I can remember.

Yea, LV was fist implemented on the 7D and it is like a newborn baby....

It is , the 7d was introduced 4 years ago, it hasn't even been updated yet.

First, with the mirror, the DSLR is faster and better in AF and in LV it will only get better.

Go look up some lock speed tests, it's not always the DSLR that wins.

If that were true pros would be using them for sports.

If you mean predictive tracking, then be specific. Otherwise, no, "with the mirror" is not faster and better. CDAF does not have FF/BF errors, it is has a higher ceiling for low light ability, and will only get better as sensor sensativity increases.

And the sensors for AF both on sensor and mirror will only get more sensitive and become better.

LV has room to get better right now, but it's not, because it costs less to put in an inferior LV system.

Your religion talking again. DSLR is still superior, pros still use it. When mirrorless becomes superior, come back and talk to me because then you will have a point. You are all speculation right now but your religion says that mirrorless will get better faster, it will only get better and it is the best.

Canon has already come out with a different type of lenses to help LV performance.

So one is doomed to inferior LV performance if they used their existing lenses. Otherwise, why do the need this "different type" of lens? Or, perhaps they are preparing the jump to mirrorless?

The only person "doomed" is someone that proclaims his religion when it is not based in fact.

All I can tell you is choose your lenses wisely. If you choose your lens from a company that is struggling, they may not be around to support your lenses. I know Canon and Nikon will be there to support lenses and their product. I am not sure if Sony or any of the other will support the declining mirrorless cameras. If they continue to decline, then they will abandon them.

You have to understand, I have Canikon lenses, I am not going to sell them and jump to another format or mirrorless unless it proves it is substantially better for me to take a hit selling my old gear. There is nothing like that available in mirrorless.

And this is where your colors show. You are bias because you have something to lose, your view is tainted.

My view is fact. Canon and Nikon rule the camera market, there is no better camera. Mirrorless is in infancy

I own nothing,

Then why do you care? Even someone who has nothing would be a fool to not consider Nikon and Canon who have been doing this a long time.

i have nothing to gain from looking at it wrong. If you had no lens collection, i suspect you might see it differently.

If someone paid me full retail for all my gear and I would go out and buy again, it could only be Canon or Nikon. I shoot sports, there are no other cameras that will do that. Shooting birds, again Mirrorless is a toy by comparison.

Maybe in 10 years when mirrorless has the same lens selection, speed, accuracy, then I might consider another brand

I have test drove a number of different cameras including mirrorless ones. There is nothing available in mirrorless that would work for my shooting, mirrorless cameras are too primitive and lack lens choice and a host of issues.

In time the lenses will arrive.

OK, and when that time arrives, come and talk to me.

Panasonic just unveiled a 85mm F1.2 equiv for under a grand. IQ was tested to be phenomenal. The lenses are coming, in time things will change regardless of peoples' bias.

That is only one lens, and that would make the portrait people happy. There is a lot more to it than that.

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