XPro optical finder MUCH BETTER NOW

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XPro optical finder MUCH BETTER NOW

Since applying the last firmware patch, the OVF on my XPro1 is FINALLY what I'd hoped for.

I was really angry at myself for buying the XPro1 instead of the XE-1 because the optical finder was so awful.  It was not only inaccurate, it was inconsistent.  I took my camera in to repair, and they did make it a bit better with some adjustments, but only a bit.  It was still inaccurate in unpredictable ways.

Applied the last software patch, which said it would improve the accuracy of the OVF.  Yeah, right, I thought.  Just because, I did try it on a family trip to Las Vegas, and I was hugely surprised.  First tried with the 18mm, then with the 35mm, and with both lenses what the OVF showed me for capture area and focus point were the same as the actual image over and over again. I went out trying to fool it, seeing if I could find any weaknesses, and I couldn't find any.  It's very accurate right up until your subject is very, very close, and even then it's good.

Good enough that I began to trust it and shoot OVF only - since I don't chimp much (broke the habit, and it's a good thing to break that habit) it really became a real live rangefinder camera.  I could compose in the OVF and know I'd get what I saw.

Now I'm really glad I went for the XPro1.  It's the camera I wanted.

Here are a few examples - these shots were very composition sensitive, and the OVF was spot on.

This addresses, for me and probably for others, the biggest single gripe about the XPro1 cost versus value equation.  I'll be the first one in line if there's an XPro2...

This shot's through the window of our hotel room, so it does have some weird chromatic aberrations that are in the window glass, not the lens.

A quick grab shot on an escalator.  Again, what I saw in the OVF was exactly what I got in the capture.

I wandered around on the walkways playing with the reflections in the glass.  I could place things on the edges of the frames with a lot of confidence.

While waiting for the Blue Man Group show to start.

Fujifilm X-Pro1
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