Large GAP between GM1 & GX7

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Re: Large GAP between GM1 & GX7

You comments remind me of the "Three Bears" nursery story.  This one is too hard, that one too soft, but there is no "just right" in the camera world for you.  I have the GM1 and the GX7 and like them both for what they are.  The EVF on the GX7 does protrude a bit from the back of the body, but it is very good and I appreciate having an alternate method for low shots, or over the head shots. My EVF protrudes even more because I have added the accessory eyecup.  The LCD is very good and the flippy bit is nice, but I rarely use it.  As for the GM1, that camera is not a 'main' body.  It is not a camera that you will want to attach to larger lenses, wide or long.  It is a take along camera which is small and light with extended capabilities in comparison to a P&S with limited zoom lens and f stop which closes down as the zoom extends.  It is capable of very good results when handled properly.

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