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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Lightroom presets

Heyseuss Hoolio wrote:

I love the images and processing. I'm going to try to process like that in lightroom to see if it's achievable. I'll try to post the settings as a good starting point.

I really liked the processing so I tried it in Lightroom.  Here's a good starting point if you like the processing from Gompie (the original poster) and don't have the software.  I'm not saying these are exact but I think they're at least similar if you like the effect.  You'll need to adjust the Exposure slider for your particular image.  For high contrast scenes, such as reflecting water, adjust the exposure just past the point where the highlights start clipping.  Once you set the parameters you can save as one of the User Presets and then easily use on your other images.  It really adds a unique effect.

Press (J) to bring up the Clipping, from here adjust the Exposure as necessary just past when it starts clipping the highlights for high contrast scenes.

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