If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: Waiting for a while, good tbinking, EricN2

Ming-KM wrote:

I got my hot little hands on a 12-32 kit from a GM1 when my daughter bought one. She swapped the 12-32 for my 25 1.4 and after using it on my GX1 I am sold. It is a good kit lens.
Used to travel with my 7-14 but am considering to take only the 12-32 with my 45 and the 45-200. The 7-14 in temperate climes includes too much of my own shadow at 7 to 11 mm. If I turn into the sun flare becomes a problem!
Try out the 12-32 before selling it and you may be surprised. A friend said that he had no use for the 24 equivalent focal length of the LX3 until he got one. Now he cannot live without 24 equivalent.

Does the 12-32 kit lens OIS work when mounted on your GX1?

Where is it set?  On the lens, or in the GX1 menu?

In other words, is the lens stabliized when mounted and shooting on the GX1?

How do you thnk the 12-32 IQ stacks up against the lengendary Panjny 14-45?


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