Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: No, but there is an alternative called APS-C

kewlguy wrote:

I still have my Canon FF system, but when I needed lightweight setup, I'd take my X-E1 or X-E2 with those excellent Fuji lenses.

m4/3 sensor is getting better sure, but no reason to think the same improvement can't be applied to APS-C/FF sensors too.

For me, APS-C is about ideal in term of camera/lens size and IQ.

For me the same, I just upgraded from the 7d just for low light / astrophotography reasons. Yes, I know, my 70-300 'shrinks' to a 43-185mm mapped to APS-C, but, even then, cropping to APS-C provides less resolution (8MB vs 18MB) but the lower pixel density provides 2 stops low noise / fine grain gain at the same ISO value. And more dynamic range. And for people for which the kilo-heavy 70-300L is too heavy, there are alternatives which can be used on FF as well: the much cheaper and more compact Canon non-L or 3rd party 70-300 models. But then you have to offer IQ.

And, the 6d body is smaller and lighter than the 7d body, so for me the upgrade means lugging even less around. But, still If I don't want to lug I have that cute Powershot S100 which make great pics (and videos).

BTW, on that 'fullframe is not fullframe' discussion: why are square frames never implemented ? Only the 126 instamatic film has 26x26mm square frames and the large format 60x60mm on 120 film. So why not a 30x30mm sensor for the same lenses designed for full frame ? Then no rotate issues anymore, better use of the lens quality as there is no 'long side' with more lens errors.

Yes, I know, newer FF cameras have a square frame but that is just a crop to 24x24mm on the sensor.

Another thing: I expect even full frame (24x36) ILC / mirrorless cameras, at least from Sony and Canon. Fullframe does not need to be big and huge. In the past many little cute film compacts were released and the Leica M6 is also a rather small FF (but $$$) camera.

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