Large GAP between GM1 & GX7

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Re: Large GAP between GM1 & GX7

I've no doubt the GF6 has a cheaper build, no magnesium, the display hinges look kinda suspect, very plastic... Still though, mine's holding up well and it already suffered a fall I would've thought tragic... I slipped coming out of a cave, had it on a wrist strap and grabbed it at the last minute but still smashed it top first into muddy rock.

Screen flipped out and the top of the camera and the edge of the screen/hinges were caked in mud but it's no worse for wear. Cleaned it off and the screen isn't even scratched. One corner has the slightest of scratches on plastic but that's about it. When I saw the screen hinge flipped out and covered in mud after I got up (ego fully dented) I briefly thought the worst!

In truth I probably got lucky, if I had smashed it square on the screen (or worse, the 20mm) I surely would've brown something besides my pride.

Sadly, I doubt the GF line's getting the new sensor anytime soon tho, unless they change strategies... It just got the old GX1 sensor as it is. Since the GF6 was my first ILC I don't know what I'm missing. I wouldn't even be shocked if the G7 doesn't get it tho, although I don't know where else they'd go with that model. They updated just about everything else between the G5 & 6 (screen, EVF, shell shape/wrap, new modes, wireless functionality, new kit lens, etc).

I wish Oly would stop using widesceen displays on the PL/PM, I'm that didn'doesn't bug more people.

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