What does 3, 5 and 7 now mean in Sony camera names?

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What does 3, 5 and 7 now mean in Sony camera names?

According to Sony, 3 is now 5 as they have confirmed the A5000 is the NEX-3N replacement:


"I can see that there might be some confusion there," agreed Weir, "because some may see the Alpha 5000 designation as being somewhat similar to another 5-series camera, the NEX-5T. However, that's merely coincidental.

"The Alpha 5000 is not the successor to the NEX-5T, in spite of the five in their model names. We realize that the shift from a three to a five in the model number might confuse some, but the Alpha 5000 is the successor to the NEX-3N. If you look at the feature set, the configuration, the control layout, the objective of the design of the model and its target user, the Alpha 5000 is much more consistent with the NEX-3N than it is with the NEX-5T."

This is going to create a lot of consfusion among the user base, me included!

How many mails are we going to see saying 'my new A5000 is not as good as my old NEX-5N/R/T' etc?

Also notice a $100 increase in the A5000 launch price to $600 over $500 for the NEX-3N - that's 20% in one year! (and insane considering the 24MP Nikon 3300 DSLR launch price is $650)

But more importantly, up until now Sony had kept to the Minolta convention of:

3 = Entry Series

5 = Mid range

7 = Semi-Pro / Enthusiast

9 = Pro / Advanced

Now that is broken - so what does 5 now mean? If the A5000 is a NEX-3 replacement then it is 'Entry Level', but we have an A3000 below that, so:

- Are Sony now 'dumbing-down' the entry series so that what was 'entry' is now midrange?

- Does 5 no longer mean 'mid-range', but does it now mean 'entry level'?

- If '5' is entry level then that doesn't leave much space for 'mid-range', 'semi-pro' and 'pro'

- What is the positioning of the A3000? Does it mean 'dumbed-down-entry' or just 'different'? What is that slot in the series and how does it relate to the other cameras?

Any ideas?

PS. Apologies for repeating the idea in this post from the 'Sony Answered' thread I created, but it is a separate issue and possibly worth discussing on its own

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