Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: You mean you get 2.25x more image area with FF? ;-)

Its impossible (or very difficult) to be unbiased when responding the question. Having "justified" the "upgrade" to FX, lots of people have strong emotional attachment to their new gear and therefore responses will not reflect reality.

I have both, DX and FX. This combination gives me a wide spectrum of possibilities which either system on its own would not (including having the illusion of different focal lengths using the same lens on different cameras) However, if pushed, my "main" system would be DX. For amateur photography (read: you dont make a living out of it) I find DX is cheaper to "run" (e.i. I can afford a wider variety of lenses than splurging just on bodies).

The indisputable truth about FX is:

- High ISO is better by -say- 2 stops. Great. What are you going to do with your images? Print them out? or pixel peep? When printing pics out, high ISO noise is NOT such a big deal.

- You have a shallower DOF. Great for "creative" usage but to be honest, shallow DOF is not something you want in every pic. Stick a 1.4 / 1.8 lens on it and you have to be really really careful otherwise the only thing in focus will be the tip of the right eyelash. If that's what you want, great. I find that I want a good balance of DOF, and generally I want MORE DOF rather than shallow DOF. But that's just me

- Nikon and the photo industry have the marketing machine working overtime to send the message out that "FX is the ultimate in image quality" and that if you want to be a "serious" photographer you NEED FX. Otherwise, you will join the ranks of the "soccer mums" with their flimsy D3200s. You dont want that do you? Here...I have a D600 going cheap.

We all know the real answer to the question. NO. FX does not make your photography better. FX gives you some level of technical advantage over the DX format but your pictures will be as cr@ppy as they were before, only now you will be shooting a lot of High-ISO, shallow DOF, cr@ppy pics and posting a "D800E does Timbuktu" thread in this forum with a horrible snap that could have been taken with a P&S.

Learn your stuff...that's the biggest difference your could do to improve your photography

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