Panasonic Image App WiFi with NFC on Android explained "hopefully"

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Re: Panasonic Image App WiFi with NFC on Android explained "hopefully"

It's not within the app. To do this go to settings on your phone (the main settings section for the phone itself, should be called Settings in the app drawer, often also accessible from the notification pane), then find Apps/Applications or something similar... Where you'd go to uninstall something. Find your Panasonic app on the list, tap on it, you'll see the clear/data options.

Clearing the cache is usually harmless on any app and can help resolve random issues, you're basically clearing temporary stuff like thumbnails or ads or info that would re-sync etc. When you clear data it's more, you're basically resorting the app to the state it was in when first installed and this will often clear all associated data (not your photos in the case of the Image App tho, kind of an exception to the rule tho).

I haven't used the instant transfer to mobile mode... Though it did take me a while to get used to the dual functionality of NFC... If you pair via NFC while the camera's in playback mode you'll auto transfer the currently displayed photo (I think the connection even drops afterwards?). If you pair while in regular photo capture mode you jump straight into the remote control UI without any auto transfer, you can then go into review mode in the app to transfer photos. Outside of that NFC/Wifi always worked pretty seamlessly for me.

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