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I spoke with Panasonic UK and the old problems where apparently Apple's fault :), whilst Apple might have changed things which caused Panasonic issues, had Panasonic used industry proven technology (Like Canon and Nikon) then the issues wouldn't have occurred.

I must point out that FTP is not an "industry proven technology", in many organizations the use of FTP is forbidden for security reasons.

It's industry proven for the likes of Canon and Nikon re: photography and the whole web works like this.

If someone wanted to use this in an organisation then using FTP on a separate local network shouldn't present any issues. Most people want to use it in their own small photography businesses were this isn't an issue. In fact we install this type of system for photographers and have done since 2005 without issue mainly because the systems are almost always local and stand alone.

In fact I have systems installed in many blue chip companies and venues around the world and they use FTP (albeit sometimes on a separate Vlan for our purposes).

I can't see this as being the reason that Panasonic didn't go down this route. At the end of the day I can setup Wireless on a Canon or Nikon to my Mac easily and it works with all version of my Mac OSX and I have spent hours using GX-7 and GH-3 and had not luck.

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