If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: Waiting for a while, good tbinking, EricN2

geoff -

I'm very pleased indeed to hear of another someone who enjoys the qualities of the Pannie 14mm Pancake. I see so many little dislikes of the lens by many others and for different reasons that I now just ignore them.. I KNOW that to me it is - or it gives me - a great deal more pleasure and satisfaction of shot , than the 20mm ever did. The latter is a VERY good lens..I'll not argue with that at all..but frankly in many ways the 14mm is better. 
Of course basically it is all down very simply to WHAT focal length suits each one best - if you like shooting generally within this sort of FL .. I do .. I'd say maybe 90% or even more, of my pics I get with the 14mm and I never find it in any way disappointing.  We re all different of course in the lens we think best - it isn't BEST usually  it's what best SUITS us each..I'm happy with my fixed 14mm Pancake.. and that is simply why I don't want another one - the 12-32..  spending on something I don't really want is fruitless.

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