If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

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Re: If the GM-1 was sold as 'Body only' I might be tempted ...

Len_Gee wrote:

Does the GM1 kit lens have the OIS switch on the lens?

Will it work using it's OIS with older Panny cameras.?

Otherwise pretty useless on older Panny's unless its just used on the GM1?

I would consider a GM1 if offered body only. Otherwise its a deal breaker for me.

Also I have mitts the size of a gorilla, so the GM1 without some kind of accessory grip may be too small for me.

Len -

As a matter of interest I have made one of the Side-by-Side comparisons that you can do via one of the options from a top row heading on each page of dpR here.. using the Sony RX-100 against the GM-1.   I have the RX-100 so I thought this a good way to get some sort of real comparison in dimensions which can be translated in mind to a real situation when you actually have one of the two...
I was surprised..  the GM-1 is SLIGHTLY smaller than the RX-100 in ALL dimensions .. width/height/thickness ..  and of course the RX-100 has a fully retracting lens which leaves hardly any thickness of body extra, as the ring surrounding the lens base is quite shallow.  I'm sure the dimensions given for the GM-1 must be for BODY-only.. but apart from the lens body, it means that it is that bit smaller even than the RX-100.... now I have fairly small hands but even so I felt that when I got the RX-100 I just preferred to fit on it a Leather Skin AND add a GARIZ half-case...NOW I find it acceptably good and like it...but as it comes..I really wonder if this 'wonder-boy' GM-1 really IS too small to be totally comfortable to handle in every situation.  
Indeed, although I truly don't think I've seen any comment or reference to this as yet...but is it indeed rather like the infamous Canon EOS-M which also is VERY small and compact..AND a very good camera...but which has just dropped like a stone in water and so far as I understand it..is literally a dead duck in US..in fact it's not that greatly sought after I thnk in UK..  
A camera..to be good in qualities AND use, has got to be totally comfortable when carried out and put into use...certainly for me, I like a camera that is excellent but also very good to handle AND carry around..   the 'handleability' of the GM-1 may well be a factor not fully taken into account by many initial enthusiasts - or ..in one case I DO readily think of - the small size IS an asset and is well liked for that very thing.

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