When will we see USB3?

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Re: When will we see USB3?

sherman_levine wrote:

Not long at all if you use a card reader

Hardly the point. I might as well use the card reader inbuilt in my laptop.  The whole  point of asking is about use in cameras,  which are still coming  with USB 2.  I want to get away from taking the SD card out every time I want to copy pictures from camera to computer.

BTW, I posted this question by clicking a link whilst reading an article about the new Panasonic LumixDMC-ZS40 (Lumix DMC-TZ60) and was surprised to see it has appeared in a generic forum about Panasonic.

What do you mean hardly the point? A USB 3.0 reader would still be faster than the reader built into your computer, particularly if it's a laptop (99% chance it's a USB 2.1 reader)...

USB 3.0 wasn't even ubiquitous on PC two years ago, PCs that had USB 3.0 then had an extra chip on the motherboard for it (extra cost, power, etc). Intel has since integrated it into their motherboard chipsets but I'm sure USB 3.0 controllers are still nowhere near the cost of USB 2.0, and when you're making razor thin margins off a P&S that tends to matter.

Besides, USB 2.0 is good for about 45 MB/s or so... Do you have a recent UHS-I card capable of 90MB/s reads in order to really reap the benefits of USB 3.0? Because otherwise the interface isn't the bottleneck, the vast majority of P&S buyers are probably not investing in those cards so from a manufacturer's PoV it'd be a waste of money until said media is cheaper and more common.

Smartphones and tablets aren't moving to USB 3.0 anytime soon for the same reason, flash storage within isn't fast enough or large enough for it to matter much. Hopefully they start putting better storage controllers in those things soon.

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