E-P5 first impressions and a warning of sorts / G3 comparison

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E-P5 first impressions and a warning of sorts / G3 comparison

Dear all,

I have received my black E-P5, VF-4 and 17mm kit. It is replacing my Panasonic G3, which I have used for about 18 months.

From the moment the p5 was announced, I knew I would have to get it. I have always missed the looks and feel of my E-P2, and have always regarded the G3 as a great camera in an ugly plastic body.

Now, having never had the p5 in my hands before purchasing, I was surprised about the weight, compared to the G3. Something of substance was to be expected but I find it quite heavy and I'm not sure if the wrist strap that I always use is the best option here.

In all reviews people raved about build quality. Yes it's a solid camera but all 3 dials are (as far as I can tell) plastic and feel cheap. They have good grippy resistance but I'm very disappointed by this, though it's obviously much better than the (single) dial on the G3.

Ergonomics: I knew this from the E-P2 but I will need some adjustment time and I now realize how excellent the G3's ergonomics are. On/off switch is pointing to the left, which makes no sense to me.
The playback button can't easily be pushed when looking through the VF. Very strange choice.

VF-4: superb optically, it's everything people say it is. The unit itself however partly obstructs the view of the LCD when you tilt it and look from above. Very annoying.

LCD: bright, accurate but not nearly as versatile as the G3 lcd. It seems very prone to scratches and it seems like a matter of time before the hinge breaks. Very stiff and awkward to use.

IBIS: disconcerting sound at first but I'll get used to it. It is positively amazing for video and no doubt for stills but that's too early to tell.

Now what I do like a lot is the wifi capability. It works well with iphone and android tablet and I'm hoping Oly will come up with software for PC for wireless transfer.

So in conclusion, if you have a G3 and are considering this upgrade, I recommend you wait for a good deal because the P5 is simply overpriced. The IQ is a step up but not a huge one. The VF4 and WIFI are strong points but G3 wins with ergonomics and LCD.

If this seems like a rant, well I guess it kind of is. My dream camera would be an e-p5 with fully articulating LCD. Then I would excuse Oly for all the cons I have pointed out above.

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