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ernstbk wrote:

khunstuart wrote:

I haven't had a lot of luck with WiFi with the GH-3 or GX-7.

The WiFi implementation on these cameras is nothing like what Canon and Nikon use which allow simultaneous transfer and much easier to setup and use.

In fact I have setup many Canon and Nikon cameras using WiFi but really struggle with the GH-3 and GX-7 especially with an Apple Mac. Panasonic said originally the problem was with Apple but had they used the traditional approach of Nikon and Canom then this wouldn't have been an issue.

If you want to "tether" using a cable whilst shooting then that option isn't available either.

Controlling the cameras using WIFi and an iPhone app is great. (If you use the correct one)

I must say that I do love the GH-3 and the GX-7 and am glad I sold my D300 and Nikon kit but Panasonic needs to address this IMHO.

Disclaimer: I have no experience with Apple Mac.

This may not apply to everybody using Mac, if you have upgraded to Mavericks then you may have run into a problem with the Mac OS. See here for more information.

The reason for mentioning this is that several posters, mainly PC, have reported no problems and a few posters, mainly Mac, have reported problems.

Whilst there maybe a problem with Mavericks I have also tried Lion, & Mountain Lion and haven't had any luck with either.

Had they stuck to using IP and FTP (like the web uses) then the solution wouldn't have issues each time a new OS comes out.

I spoke with Panasonic UK and the old problems where apparently Apple's fault :), whilst Apple might have changed things which caused Panasonic issues, had Panasonic used industry proven technology (Like Canon and Nikon) then the issues wouldn't have occurred.

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