Which camera for concert?

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Re: Which camera for concert?

I'm going to see Queensryche at Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom (near Seattle) tonight and it should be a lot of fun. I want to take my LX7 because it would be much better than my next camera choice, an FP8 ultra compact. But I'm really hesitant to take my LX7 into that environment plus I'm wondering if it wouldn't be allowed because it looks like a pretty serious camera. The little FP8 is much inferior for this kind of shooting but it is way more convenient to carry and take into places like this. So I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I was pretty sure I was just going to take the FP8, at first, but I have never been to this casino and when I saw some pictures online I begin leaning back towards the LX7.

This is a personal decision for sure but I could use a few opinions from some of you that have made similar choices. Was there any issues taking an LX7 or similar camera into a concert and were you worried about it getting damaged? This venue allows for standing only, I think, and it might get a little crazy. I certainly don't want to spend the whole time taking pictures but the pics I do take I want to be happy with. Thanks.


Have you checked to make sure cameras are allowed by the band and the venue? They usually will state it on their web page.

If they do, usually self contained cameras without big lenses are OK. One place I went to stated any camera with a lens that doesn't extend more than the width or length of a credit card. Strange requirement I know. LOL

At least that's slightly less arbitrary than the usual ban on cameras with removable lenses... Last concert I went to, my sister sat around annoyed at the fact that she had to leave her Canon DSLR (and it's whopping 3x kit lens) at a tent because she wasn't even allowed to go back to the car to leave it there... Meanwhile my 28-200mm LF1 slipped thru fine and the girl sitting next to us had a 30x superzoom. Makes no sense...

Nice pics Timj!

Btw, if you wanna protect your hearing or avoid a headache/ringing, you can look into some cheap attenuating plugs like these:


They're a little more sophisticated than regular foamie plugs, in that they should lower the overall intensity without muffling/heavily altering the sound and defeating the purpose of attending a concert. I've tested them out around the house (against lawnmower/home theater etc) and they seem to work well... Haven't had a chance to try them at a concert since the only one I've been to since getting them was Dave Matthews and they're a relatively tame affair (plus it was an open venue, which helps).

Last concert I went to before that left me with ringing for a few hours tho and I vowed not to risk my hearing like that again. I'm pretty picky about that stuff though (and headphones, and audio gear in general).

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