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Re: It probably means you have not read your camera instruction book

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I do appreciate peoples efforts. To be honest, I can live with the difference between view finder and live view it is minimal and not noticed in the real world without pixel peeping, I was merely curious but as explained both work in different ways.

What I am more intrigued by is how much better I feel the lens is performing on my D40 and how amazingly sharp it is, I can't believe how much detail it pulls from the 6mp, I have a 90% success rate with it but with the D90 I am needing to take about 5 or 6 of the same photo to try and get one that matches the D40... how frustrating if only it were the other way round as I don't intend to use the D40, it has been at the back of my cupboard for almost a year! I will maybe just need to live with that and just not pixel peep at my photos it is just disappointing I am not getting the consistent shots with my main camera but if I don't look in closely I probably wont notice the difference most of the time and I am being too picky and just need to get out and enjoy it  Looking back at shots I took yesterday I do have lots of very sharp images and I probably felt a bit rushed too as it was too cold to have my dog sitting around taking photos.  I think when I do get to grips with this lens I am going to love it

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