Why do you (plan to) use a m43 cam?

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Re: Why do you (plan to) use a m43 cam?

Short story: P&S upgrader here, size is really the biggest reason I opted for M43 over a DSLR... Though the variety and versatility of the system is the reason I chose it over other mirrorless systems. Probably would've jumped in sooner had I known M43 even existed a few years ago.

Long story: I've always had an interest in photography, I'm gonna be 32 soon and I've had about five digital cameras previous to my M43, jumped in around 2000 (with a Kodak DC290 or something like that, followed by two Canons, a Sony, and a Panasonic). Before that I'd often been exposed to photography thru my mother's film Oly/Canon SLRs and various cheap P&S 35mm film cameras I had, she'd given the SLR up quite a while ago though... Mom later went thru a few Canon G series and one SX bridge/super zoom. I never convinced myself of getting a DSLR because I knew I'd end up leaving it at home more often than not.

Recently that notion was further reinforced when my sister got a DSLR and despite having about four lenses for it (including a 24-105 L) she'd often leave it behind or she'd take it out with only one lens despite having a purse-like bag dedicated for it (which just seemed terribly pointless to me).

I actually started researching M43 rather casually while shopping for a new camera as a gift for my mother. I was only vaguely aware of mirrorless because of in-store NEX displays and NEX commercials, kept reading about M43 while looking at FZ200 reviews though... So I researched more about M43, about the lenses available, etc. Cross shopped a bit against NEX, SLT, the and the 70D, but eventually ended up with a GF6 for me ($450) and G6 for my mother ($575, Christmas gift). She probably would've liked the EM5 better at first blush, since she had a film era OM that looked pretty similar...

I think she'll get along better with the G6 in the long run though, she's already looking forward to being able to quickly send photos taken on it from her phone (wifi)... And she'd been jealous of the auto-sweep panos that my last two P&S had.

Would've liked to try these things more before jumping in, not that I regret it... But I had to scour several camera stores in the DC area (while on vacation visiting my sis) just to try out a GX1, G5, and EM5... So my final choices were kinda blind, hadn't seen my 20mm or 45mm in person before ordering either. Quite happy with them though, glad I tossed more money at those initially rather than getting a more expensive like the GX7 and calling it a day. We'll see what lenses my dear mother ends up with... I'm eyeing the 9-18mm, probably get the 12-32mm first tho. I don't expect I'll get much more...

I've been carrying my camera in a small waist pack (worn over the shoulder) but being able to mount either the 20mm or the 12-32/14-42PZ and pocket the other was a big part of M43's appeal vs other mirrorless systems... As well as buying into a system that scaled from something like the E-PM2/GM1 to something like the G6/E-M1.

So TL;DR: P&S upgrade, chose M43 for size reasons but also versatility, which seems downplayed compared to other systems, very satisfied so far.

P.S. I can see myself getting a new body in a few years when Panasonic's IBIS has improved a bit or when Oly has put out an EM5-like model with Wifi and a couple other traits from current Panasonic models. My preference would probably be for a corner mounted EVF a-la-GX7. Looks like my GF6 is solid enough to last me a while though... It's already endured a head first drop into muddy rocks when I slipped coming out of a cave. It was on a wrist strap, good thing I grabbed it as I fell and it luckily didn't smash the ground lens first or screen first. Mud washed off the top and the screen hinge looks unharmed!

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