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Re: GX7 WiFi observation

John.Laninga wrote:

First, I have been using EyeFi for several years. I've had some issues, but in general, they work well.

So I got the GH3, great, it had built-in WiFi! Unfortunately, although I was able to do a remote shoot, the transfer was slow and problematic, and non existent to my Mac.

Figured the GX7 had to be better, but no, same issues. Haven't even tried to send direct to my Mac yet, but repeated trials to send to my Nexus 7 has mixed results.

  1. If you have many pictures, having to select each one by hand is onerous. How come no "Select All"?
  2. Transfer rate is really slow, even in Direct Connect. Much slower than EyeFi Direct.
  3. All JPEGs come over at about 50% of their on-card size, i.e., an image on card is 8MB, but after transfer to my Nexus 3.5MB.
  4. None of my RAWs made it across.

Either I just don't get it or else doing something wrong. Anyone have better luck than I did?

Nope, about the same type of results and most of the time much worse.

In my opinion it's great it you want to use it like a consumer would but for a Pro user it's a joke in my opinion.

Over the years (since 2005 in fact) I have used many Canon and Nikon cameras with WiFi and setup hundreds for others but this just beats me. The reason is that the setup is really aimed at consumers and whilst they have tried to make it user friendly they have stripped back the features that Pro's find essential.

I have just purchased a Nikon soley for this purpose as the GH-3 / GX-7 (I have both) just doesn't cut it.

However, the control from the iPad (If you use the correct app as Panasonic changed it) is very good but a bit of a gimmic.

Shame really it is as if Panasonic had looked at Canon and Nikon and how they have done it for the last 10+ years they might have learned something.

Crazy thing is you can't even tether it with a USB cable and shoot straight into your Mac, again something that.

This is the sort of thing that will ensure that Canon and Nikon stay as the main brands for the Pro's who need Wireless.

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