extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

noirdesir wrote:

Your general requirements are quite special. Somehow they feel like a B&W photographer saying he or she couldn't care less about good colours without mentioning that this is because he or she is almost exclusively shooting B&W.

But I still question the wisdom or utility of limiting yourself to only seeing the sRGB gamut. For once, stylistically it is not much different from the gamut your monitor can display, sRGB won't look muted to most people, you can still have very strong colours and generally colourful images. It's not like limiting yourself to the palette Polaroid could produce, or even what colour film did in the eighties. If some of your images have a few spots with colours beyond sRGB (eg, even a small flower), you won't see that until you print, ie, you don't even know about it most of the time.

But most importantly, you limit all your viewing of not only the images you produce but everything else, ie, everything created by others to sRGB. It's one thing to prefer images with less saturated colours, it's another thing saying that this preference would be a good reason to see other people's work also limited to sRGB. Instead of switching your whole monitor to sRGB, just switch it to sRGB for your own work only. If one wants to limit oneself to the capabilities of a certain output media (for you roughly colour negative or cibachrome colours), using softproofing in raw converters (and in other image editors alternatively switching the working space) would be the most straightforward solution. Whereas now, you essentially software everything, including the work of others to sRGB.

To summarise, it is one thing to prefer more muted colours, to concluding that one only rarely profits from a wide gamut monitor and another thing to almost out of spite then limit the monitor to a narrower gamut. It sounds like because you did not want to pay for a wide gamut in your monitor (since you care little about the saturated colours) but had to as their was no 'narrow gamut' monitor with the other high-end characteristics you wanted for your monitor, you are now making a statement by not using the wide gamut if you can avoid it.

couldn't agree more!

If you want to limit your output just switch off the things you don't need but you're still in a position to switch things on when you change your mind.

I had a funny conversation with a friend who bought a grayscale printer from one of the companies that modifies normal printers with grey inks to produce only b&w prints. So he had a six ink b&w only printer with tailor made paper profiles and I sent him a b&w image for reference.

We printed both with the utmost possible quality settings on both printers (mine is a Z3200) and compared the results. Even though my printer has 12 inks - it has only 4 inks for b&w but the quality easily exceeded on my color printer his b&w optimized printer in all paper-pritner combinations tested. He had posterization issues with some combinations and out of gamut flattening and many other flaws.

It reminds me that you get what you pay for - would I want a low gamut screen just because I use only a part of my wide gamut screen? Surely not - if I want a desaturated images I just slide in my workflow the color slider to less saturated - the rest of the screen stays fully saturated - also the GUI can be eye candy.

Coming back to the new 4k aka UHD displays - I would not want to exclude any of them before we see some proper testing.

Engadget had a first five on some of them and reported a very even lighting and very nice color reproduction - I guess also TN displays see an evolution in quality - but if you want to se the color uniformity look at the colors how they chance when he tilts and move the display http://youtu.be/Up2t1UxGcBI

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