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I don't quite understand the problem. The Nexus 7 has a very limited storage capacity and isn't meant for the storage of large numbers of image files for long. The images are obviously stored on the camera's SD card and can be easily transferred to a more substantial computer from there.

Personally I have no issues whatsoever transferring the files to a desktop and/or laptop through the USB wire or swapping the card itself over and try to not clutter the N7 tablet or my iPhone with too many image files, and then only jpeg and the smaller the better as long as they are acceptable to view on the device screen size.

As can be seen in this topic, ymmv. If I had a tablet device with massive storage then I might indeed store more images on it, but not sure why I would at the moment.

Well, there's a 32GB model which has plenty of space, and it's not very hard to attach removable storage to a Nexus 7 anyway... I have a 16GB/2013/FHD model but I attach a 64GB USB 3.0 flashdrive or smaller mSD cards to it all the time.

For the former I use a $5 USB OTG cable/dongle (it's like 3"), for the latter I use a tiny micro USB OTG - micro SD reader by Meenova, product started as aLKickstarter campaign (though I knew something exactly like that would show up eventually once I started using USB OTG). Either way, it's nearly as good as having a card slot on the tablet.

If you're not rooted you need to use an app like Nexus Media Importer to mount and access external storage, if rooted you can use Stickmount and just handle it exactly like internal storage (same file browser or file dialogs within Dropbox, Gmail, etc).

Despite all those options (which would work just as well on most recent Android phones, just pair the OTG cable with an SD reader or the camera with a mSD card), I still value the wifi implementation on my GF6 and I've used it a lot, no major complaints on my end. If they removed the TA-DAAA noise on NFC pairing, made it a little quicker all around, and changed the NFC string so that it'd call the app (instead of a site) rather than having to open the app first it'd be perfect.

Haven't ever attempted a PC connection tho, if I'm home then a USB 3.0 reader is a heck of a lot quicker anyway.

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