Lumix g5 charger near Disney World?

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Re: Lumix g5 charger near Disney World?

I've used one of those universal chargers with the sliding contacts on smartphone batteries before (when my phones still didn't have sealed in batteries as the last two have)... It worked pretty well, my cousin even used the very same charger on his P&S's battery. I don't think the brand I had (Anker) makes any camera accessories tho so this is just anecdotal evidence that those chargers can work fine.

I wish some M43 cameras had in camera charging via USB chargers even if it meant picking up an external battery chargers was an extra expense... Makes it much easier to recharge on the go via car chargers, battery packs, more commonly available USB/AC chargers, etc.

I might need to get myself a second battery charger to leave in my travel bag or I'll probably make the same mistake at some point and leave it at home! Haven't even been able to find a second OEM battery for my GF6 thus far tho, probably going third party if they don'tshow up soon.

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