Poll: What you value more on our m/43Brands. (comment please)

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Re: Poll: What you value more on our m/43Brands. (comment please)

i'm not one who generally cares about brands, but imo something that makes m4/3 exciting is that panasonic and olympus both launched cameras and lenses together.  it gives the system more cameras and lenses to choose from, and the result is that we have more choices to work with.

Yup, by the end of this new year I'll probably have two Olympus lenses (if I can convince my wallet to part with enough money for the 9-18) and two Panasonic lenses (excluding the kit lens, three counting it). Probably wouldn't have bought into the system if it wasn't for that variety and versatility, might've gone the NEX or Fuji route otherwise.

Even the variety of body styles played a role, as I bought my mother a G6 knowing she'd like it better than the smaller models but also looking forward to the fact that we could share some lenses. She'll probably end up with more zooms and teles, possibly a macro, which I'd rarely use, but might definitely borrow.

I think it's probably kinda hard to market that when the average consumer often buys a DSLR and never picks up any additional lenses... Then if you start talking about size most would just tell you they're fine with their phone. Still though, Sony does a heck of a lot better at it than Panasonic... At least you can see they're trying to market NEX. Different subject altogether...

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