Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Crop sensors are certainly obsolete

Note that this only assists the image cropping and is a completely arbitrary size and shape, just like the traditional 35mm area.

It was arbitrarily chosen by the manufacturers of 35mm systems as their target format, which is why it does not make sense to call 35mm cropped within the context of a 35mm system. Which is what the conversation was about. Do keep up.

Do I need to say "crop" a few more times to make my point clear

Do whatever makes you happy, you're still dragging in an irrelevant separate context.

There are many "full frame" lenses that have significantly inferior performance in the corners of the 35mm area.

That's not relevant. The manufacturer will still have applied their tolerance/standards within the full area when they were producing a lens for 35mm. Anything outside the mind has tradeoffs.

c) notable absence of "non-cropped" cameras with circular sensors

That's because using the entire circular image projected by the lens (which was very popular during the Kodak Brownie era)

Do note no-one was talking about box brownies but specifically a 35mm system intrinsically being a crop format with respect to itself.

This resulted in the image cropping system that all cameras use today.

Which is not relevant to a discussion about 35mm, specifically.

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